Harry Sardinas
Harry Sardinas is the founder of Speakers Are Leaders Corporate and the bestselling author of the book, Climbing Big Ben: How to Survive, Thrive and Succeed in London. He is also an entrepreneur, international speaker, inspiring leader and a successful public speaking coach. He has trained hundreds of speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and young people to overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident when speaking from the stage, so they can share their message with the world and create wealth at the same time.
Lily Patrascu
Lily Patrascu is the co-founder of Speakers Are Leaders Corporate. She is also author of multiple books, International Speaker and a Sales and Branding coach. She is the co founder of Speakers Are Leaders bootcamp – a transformational workshop that will empower you to make the first powerful steps to becoming an extraordinary speaker or presenter.
Nick Ronald
Nick Ronald studied english and sociology at Liverpool University which reflected his interest in communications and understanding people. He started work in IT in the corporate sector before studying communication, marketing and PR at the Institute of marketing and the Institute of Public Relations. He more recently studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a qualified NLP Practioner.
Tom Thompson
Get introduced to the stage by Tom. He has been developing his public speaking for around a year now as he looks for new ways to get his message out about the value of trees.

In that time he has completed the Speakers are Leaders course twice, joined and got involved with Toast Master, completed Andy Harringtons PSU and PSA, as well as speaker training with JT Foxx, Luke Scott and an NLP version. He has also completed NLP, hypnosis and timeline therapy practicitioner training and have become a coach. Tom is also the Speaker Coach Team Leader.

Dr. Lamis El Rashid
Get empowered to speak from the stage or online with transformational coach Dr. Lamis so you can reach peak performance on stage. The key reasons why you aren’t currently speaking online or on stage is perhaps because of limiting beliefs that you are not good enough. Dr Lamis will lead one exercise to overcome those beliefs and empower you to achieve more in life and on stage.

She is the founder of Light In The Park, a space where you can bring your whole family so they feel more empowered after the session. Lamis is one of the few experts in UK in the area of collaborating with your mind technology.

Jesse Connor
Jesse Connor is a world class public speaker, entrepreneur and an expert in corporate training specialising in corporate culture, community building and branding.

Jesse left school at 17 years old to pursue a career in financial services, joining The Northern Trust Company at 18 as a Securities Settlement Analyst, obsessed with the secrets of peak performance his ultimate goal was to outperform the financial markets. Read More

Now, Jesse has over a decade of experience successfully navigating global corporations receiving numerous promotions. He is knowledgeable in the complexities of corporate systems and understands deeply, from both a manager and employee perspective, the value in having access to the best industry, personal and job specific training available.

At Deutsche Bank Jesse chaired an internal network of 2000 employees named, ‘The Junior Network’. As Chair he leveraged the internal ‘Facebook’ and applied his cutting edge marketing techniques to rapidly grow the network as well as his own profile at the Bank. He achieved this by organising workshops and global events with live audiences of over 700 employees, broadcasting to many hundreds more viewing from their desks around the world.

As chair, he enjoyed a regular and open dialogue with the Banks C-suite and global business heads directly, discussing with candour: how to improve available training for employees and how best to deliver it; how to positively change company culture within a corporation; how to motivate; and other topics chosen by employees that they wanted to learn more about.

A born Londoner, Jesse has grown an exceptional professional network, bringing together the right partners and providing access to the best speakers in the world in their fields, he is able to provide an unequalled training experience for his clients.