Honorary Members

We are a global community of speakers, trainers, and business owners. We thrive to master the art of public communication on stage. Our purpose is to inspire one another to realise personal visions & beliefs.

Coach Ken Carter

Coach Ken Carter is an American business owner, education activist & firm believer that “greatness is defined by the service you give to others.” Rated as one of the top speakers by Hunger for Success: Educating, Motivating & Inspiring.

Ken Carter is a successful author, speaker & philantropist who continues his message of teamwork, accountability, integrity and leadership. Doing over 5000 presentations, and speaking to over a million business man in the world today.

Coach has been amongst the presence of many greats, such as the President of the United States of America, well known TV host and a list of talented stars from films and music, the list itself would fill a page. However, Coach considers the greatest and most imprresive stars he has worked with are young adults, boys and girls he impacts. Coaches tough love and mentorship in succeeding in life has helped students such as Cruz from the movie, who today is a top medical professional. Coach brings the hard hitting advice about accountability, integrity, teamwork, and leadership to succeed both on & off the court.

Manoj Vasudevan

Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert | Management Consultant | Keynote Speaker | World Champion of Public Speaking | Bestselling Author

Manoj Vasudevan is a Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert who helps senior executives to breakthrough to the next level of their career, business and life. Manoj has spoken to audiences as big as 20,000 and to diverse groups comprising of individuals from 140 countries. He is the author of the international bestseller Mastering Leadership The Mousetrap Way. He is the 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking and Founder of Thought Expressions.

Manoj holds an MBA from Imperial College London with over 20 years of leadership experience in Strategy, Management and Technology with many major MNC clients in Asia, Australia, USA and Europe.

As an expert in Next Level Leadership Readiness, he has coached C-Level Executives, Senior Executives, Bureaucrats, Celebrities, UN diplomats, high-performance teams, high-potential employees and professionals constituting a clientele from 27 nationalities.

Manoj has been featured widely on international media including BBC, CNBC and Business Insider. During the historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Chairman Kim Jong Un, Manoj was invited by BBC World News Live as an Expert on Human Behaviour and Body Language to share his perspectives on the meeting, and to judge the depth of the Trump-Kim relationship.

In 2017, he was featured among the top 50 World’s leading professional speakers at the International Speakers Summit. In 2012, he was among the top-25 stand-up comedians at the international comedy festival in Hong Kong. In 2018, he was invited as international author to the World’s 3rd largest book fair in Sharjah.

Sean Seah

Mr. Sean Seah serves as Director of Education – Global at 8I Holdings Limited. Mr. Seah is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Master Trainer of Financial Joy Institute Pte Ltd. (also known as, Value Investing College).

Prior to Financial Joy Institute, Mr. Seah served in the Singapore Armed Forces from 2005 to 2012 as a Military Guards Officer and served as a Company Officer Commander (Captain), where he led and trained a company of 150 men for military operations in the Guards Unit. His last position was a Staff Officer (Major) in the SAF Centre of Leadership, where his primary role included designing and conducting leadership programmes for young SAF scholars.

He is an accomplished financial writer of acclaimed books such as “Gone Fishing with Buffett” and “The Money Game”. He is otherwise known as “Asia’s Buffetologist” to many and has been featured on multiple national and international media fronts.

Mr. Seah received First Class Honours in Bachelor of Business with a Major in Applied Economics from Nanyang Technological University in 2005.