Terms and Conditions

One Day Speaking With Harry One To One expires in a year time.

A 90 minute video presentation has to be send to Harry before with the use of the template provide by the millionare speakers network speaking training so like this Harry can prepare the feedback and make the most of the session

The resellers right for Speakers Are Leaders and Entrepreneurs Are Leaders a link will be provided to you for each event.

You can shared the link and keep 100 percent of the money after the transaction fee it is deducted.

The money will arraive to our bank account and will be transfer to your bank account after 14 working days.

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DELIVERY: Customer is responsible for making sure that the shipping address and email address provided for delivery is accurate and legible. Delivery of the course will be made by individual presenter via the delivery method described in their presentation.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: All support for all Purple Stone Academy products is handled via our online help desk (hello@entrepreneursareleaders.com). We do not provide telephone or live chat support.

GUARANTEE: Purple Stone Academy covers all purchases with a 10 day money back guarantee. If you decide this offer is not right for you, you must contact us at hello@entrepreneursareleaders.com prior to 10 days from the last day of event where this order was purchased. You understand and agree that Purple Stone Academy is NOT responsible for any refunds after 10 days.All refunds will be processed for the exact amount in pounds charged at time of purchase. Harry Sardinas and Purple Stone Academy are not responsible for any exchange rate changes that may occur between the time of purchase and the time of refund, or any other exchange or conversions charges incurred by the purchaser.

USAGE AND EVENT ATTENDANCE: It is the member’s responsibility to attend the event. Non usage or inability to attend the event dates announced prior to signing up, do not constitute grounds for cancellation or refund.If a member is not able to attend one of the scheduled events included in the offer purchased, the member understands that they are forfeiting the right to attend that event and understand that they will not receive the recordings of the event or be eligible to attend an event of the same kind for free in the future. All efforts will be made to accommodate emergency situations.

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