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Hey, we are Harry and Lily. How would you like to be able to become a world class speaker and get paid to travel and speak around the world?

Network Your Way To Success

We set up the Millionaire Speakers Network in London and globally to enable you to get trained to speak and sell from the stage and network with business owners, speakers, entrepreneurs and aspiring speakers, millionaires and multimillionaires.

What makes us different?

Unlike other networks, you get to Speak on Stage Yourself and Improve your sales presentation by getting competent feedback.

Increase Your Sales

You are going to get training worth thousands to increase your sales through the Sales Mastery System and Voice Mastery System, so that you can become a world class speaker and learn the highest paid skill in the world – which is public speaking, so you can make hundreds of thousands in one weekend.

Here is the problem:

Most speakers and business owners struggle with:


Getting exposure,credibility and visibility for their business


Closing sales


Getting More Clients


Lack of practice

It doesn’t matter that you know what you are supposed to say to a client, if when it comes to it, you don’t say it.

Lack of support


Lack of right information


Wearing the wrong stuff when meeting clients


Don’t know how to create a great brand

That’s exactly why we created Millionaire Speakers Network where you get the opportunity to get results for your business, where you are able to promote your business, get exposure, visibility, credibility, enhance your brand by being seen on stage, get the latest cutting edge information about building your business whilst having fun so you can help as many people as possible with your message, your product or your service. You will also discover how to create impact and influence when you are speaking to an audience interested in your products or services.

I invite all of you to come to millionaire Speakers Network to get coached to become a world class international speaker, take your business to next level, and create impact and influence around you.

A Global Community

We are a global community of speakers, trainers, and business owners. We thrive to master the art of public communication on stage. Our purpose is to inspire one another to realise personal visions & beliefs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create millionaire speakers around the world on the stage. And public speaking is our vehicle to succeed as millionaires.

We come together for the purpose of learning, sharing, & earning.We provide members a stage to speak & showcase their learning. These speakers will perform in front of a live audience, share their insights and ideas, and win customers.

We also provide members a network to promote their programmes & workshops to the corporate & small businesses, as well as to individual learners.

Who Are We Looking For?

We seek highly energetic & like minded individuals who share the same passion & aspiration to become successful on stage & in life.

We look for professionals who want to polish their sales & closing skills in front of a live audience.

We want enterprising individuals who are passionate about helping others succeed on stage, even while they are still on the climb.

We look for stage speakers & life coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, consultants who want to be in the top 5% of highest earners.

Our aim is to build a global community of genuine speakers with high integrity, high values, and high standard of professionalism in their beliefs.

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